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Welcome to my blog and first of all, thank you for visiting my gallery !

I hope you enjoyed my portrait photography gallery – be sure to visit more often (as I have a lot of super-creative sessions planned!). Today I’d like to present some of my recent and more experimental artworks. Photos I made just for fun but also to train some new skills.

Did I mentioned that I like challenges? I can’t live without them! That’s why on the blog you will see a lot of my previously unpublished works. And things that I want to try.

I really like meaningful discussions

Feel free to use the comment section. I really appreciate a constructive feedback.  And if you are a blogger – please feel free to leave the link to you website. Perhaps I will come and leave a comment. Or two…

The photos below were take with my OnePlus 5 . The model is my mother, she was visiting me in London and I thought it was a good idea to try something challenging.

I didn’t have my camera or accessories (even my small reflector) – only a sunglasses and a mobile phone (with the portrait photography mode). So we walked around Oxford Street, trying to find some good light and cool colours.

Later that day I did some Photoshop magic and I actually couldn’t believe that the tiny mobile device without any real lens or mirror – could catch so many details and colours.

How about you guys? Did you ever tried to do some portrait session without a professional equipment? Please let me know in the comments below.

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As a photographer - I trust my intuition and I think I can portrait people, showing their best sides and strengths. The highest quality is crucial to me ? but the best artworks should also have a soul and emotions.

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