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Trip to Dungeness

My trip to Dungeness can be described in words: emptiness, loneliness, feeling of nostalgia and some kind of loss.

When I’m shooting portraits – quite often I travel alone to the places that not very well known. I love to experience the atmosphere, sink in the mood and switch off my head. Dungeness was one of the places that impressed me the most, empty desert, abandoned ships and silence. Even on a sunny day that place seems to be haunted.

So far that was my most favourite trip and if you are tired of the noise and big city problems – I really recommend to go there and spend some time only with yourself.

This kind of experience can seriously change how you look at some things and I recommend to go there if you ever have a chance!

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How to get there?

If you are active and you want to spend a nice day out – I think it’s a good idea to catch a train from St Pancras to Folkestone.

Train route on Google Maps

Once you get there, head to to the city and rent a bicycle.

You can cycle all the way through, towards South. Just ask locals which way is to Hythe or Dungeness!

My bicycle route: see on Google MapsĀ 

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